Summer events need fun, easy flowers.

Summer events need fun, easy flowers.

Casual, summer events call for quick, easy flower arrangements that add to the fun, without a lot of work.            


  • Choose either a 10.5″ or 13″ Smithers-Oasis Design Ring as the base of your design. 
  • Soak the floral foam ring in water that has Floralife Flower Food added.


  • Select your flowers either from your garden, local florist, or grocery flower market.
  • Rounded shapes of form and filler flowers are great for this design. We used roses, hydrangea, orchids, seeded eucalyptus, galax leaves, wisps of Italian ruskus, reindeer moss, and berries in the design shown in the photo above.
  • Cut flower stems at a sharp slant, and insert into the wet foam.  Add water daily. Use Floralife Flower Food in the water for longer-lasting flowers.
  • If it is to be an evening event, you can add a 6″ or 9″ pillar candle to the center of the design. Surround the arrangement with the candlelight of votive candles for a softened effect.
  • Mist the flowers with Finishing Touch for hydration and increased longevity.





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