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  1. I am throwing a bridal shower on Saturday and I am going to do the flower arrangements. The main color of the shower is a Tiffany Blue. What flowers should I get to go with it?

  2. Tiffany blue is a great color for a summer shower. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of fresh flowers in that color. You may be lucky enough to have soft-colored blue hydrangeas growing in your garden; if so, they are a good choice. If not, you can pick up some loose flowers from your local florist or some flower bunches from your grocery flower market. Some good color choices would be:
    Soft pink or peach, very pale yellow and creme (off-whte).
    Soft pink, hot pink, and white.
    Crisp white, soft blue, and a bright acid green.

    Start your plan by choosing your table top or tablecloth for the food table. A white Battenburg lace, linen, or crisp cotton cloth would be an elegant choice to display your food and flowers on. A soft hue of either light pink, pale yellow, or delicate peach would be good colorful choices, as well. Any of the pinks, peaches, or pale yellows would go well with these looks.

    A more rustic burlap cloth would be a good juxtaposition of texture and color to the soft feminine Tiffany blue. The crisp white, soft blue, and a bright acid green would be best with this theme, You may want to leave the wood, glass, or stone of the table exposed, instead of using a cloth. If so any of the flower choices would work.

    Choosing your table cover will determine the formality of the arrangement needed. If it is a formal look – use a glass, crystal, silver or porcelain vase. If it is more casual feel – use a glass or colored tea pitcher, ceramic crock, or less formal vase.

    Some good flower choices in these colors include –
    Soft pink or peach – roses, gerbera daisies, carnations, alstroemeria, larkspur, snapdragons
    Very pale yellow – stock, roses, gerbera daisies, carnations, mums
    Creme (off-whte) – hydrangea, roses, Asiatic lilies,

    Crisp white – Oriental lilies, white daisies, White fugi mums, mini callas, callas
    Soft blue – hydrangea, blue delphinium,
    Bright acid green – hydrangea, Fugi mums, carnations, trachelium

    For a very simple loose arrangement, try using groupings of flowers –
    After selecting your vase, fill it 1/3 to 1/2 full of water with flower food added (see Shop for Products – Flower Care items). Strip the foliage from the flower stems that will be below water. Choose three types of flowers. For example, roses, hydrangea, and alstroemeria. Blunt cut the stems of each group (cutting the stems the same length all at once), which will place the flowers just above the mouth of the vase. Place the groupings of flowers into the vase, one at a time. You will have a rounded triangle of flowers – all the same height. If you want to add height to the centerpiece, add larkspur, delphinium, or branches to the center of the arrangement, or use 3 groups of tall flowers all cut the same length.

    The most important thing is to enjoy the process and have fun designing your arrangement. Your friends will be impressed by your creativity, and that will add to the fun of hosting the party!

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