Try this simple centerpiece –

It's fun to design a simple floral centerpiece 
for your table. Use these easy to follow techniques,
an Oasis Iglu, and the flowers and vase of your choice  
to quickly create this elegant arrangement.

For this design you will need - 

Supplies -       

Floral knife or cutter

Floralife Quick Dip  

Fresh water, with flower food added

V-shaped vase    
Cutters webStraight folding knife web                                         V bowl sm

Flowers – (shown in photograph)                                                  

   12   ‘Classy’ red roses

       7    Charlie Brown’ Cymbidium Orchids

      3–5  pieces of green Reindeer moss            

               (Other flowers may be substituted)                     
Prepare - 

       Select a Vase, we have chosen a uniquely shaped vase by Smithers-Oasis.

       Visit your local florist or grocery market to purchase flowers.     

       Presoak foam Iglu in water, with flower food adde
Process flowers - 

        Pour a small amount of Quick Dip into a dish. Cut the end 

        of the flower stem with a sharp, angular cut several inches         

        longer than will be needed for the arrangement. Dip the cut 

        end of the stem into the solution for just a few seconds.                                              

        Place the flower into a short bucket of water. The excess Quick Dip                                          Quick Dip web

        can be held in a sealed container and reused for up to 24 hours.                                                

        Add flower food to a container of clean, cool water to be used in the vase.        

        Mix according to directions on the flower food package.

Design -         

        Place water-soaked Iglu into bowl                                                                                                                                                                     Crystal Clear pint                                                                                              

        Cut each flower stem with a sharp knife, and insert into foam one                                                                                           
        at a time.  Start by inserting roses.

        Start with the center flower to determine the height of the arrangement, 
        or the outer flowers to develop the frame of the design. In this case, we started 

        with the center flower - a large hydrangea.

        Spray with an anti-transpirant like Floralife’s Finishing Touch to                                Finishing Touch spray blog

        hydrate and 'feed the flowers' which promotes longevity.    

Enjoy -  

       This same design can be made using many different flowers – alstroemeria, 

       carnations, daffodils, and peonies are examples of the long list of possibilities.         

       Best of all, the flowers used can be very long-lasting - adding to the enjoyment. 

       Designing this arrangement is fast, easy, and fun.  Add a fragrant touch of elegance 

       to your table with your creative version of this design.

       What flowers and container did you use for your design? Post a comment and let us   

       know the details about your flower arranging experience! 


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