Think ‘off the table’

The next time you plan to design for a special event, instead of thinking ‘outside the box’ – think ‘off the table!’

  • First, protect the table you will be working over by covering it with plastic. Then, layer cloths over the plastic to catch water drips.
  • Depending on the design of the chandelier you will be working in, you have three options of Smithers-Oasis floral foam products to choose from to use as the basic mechanic for creating this design:




(1)  1 – 6″ or 8″ Netted  Floral Foam Sphere –  to hang in the center of the chandelier,  if that space is open.







(2)  2 – Floracage Holders – the handles wired back to back around a chandelier center post.




(3)  3 0r 4 Iglus, depending on the chandelier size and shape. Wire bases together, facing out different directions to create a round effect with the flowers.                       


  • Presoak your choice of Smithers-Oasis foam products in water that has Floralife flower food added.
  • Also, be very aware of the potential weight of the foam as flowers versus the sturdiness of the chandelier, wet foam and flowers combined can be very heavy.
  • Wire your chosen floral foam mechanic into the hanging chandelier with a ‘covered’ wire. Wrapping the wire in corsage tape covering, or using a chenille stem, can help prevent scratching the chandelier.
  • Cut all flower stems at an angle with a good sharp cut. This will insure they fit snugly into the foam.
  • Insert the flower stems into each Iglu in a pattern that gives you a round, orb effect. Starting with your largest, deepest set flowers (open roses in this photo) that define your inner circle, then your more delicate, medium set flowers (lilies, shown here) that continue the shape, and working out to your line flowers that define the outer form of your design (Dendrobium orchids, in this design).

Not only will your design be beautiful, but also the floral fragrance wafting just above the guests will add another element of beauty to the room.  This is a great design to use for over an elegant buffet such as a New Year’s Brunch or a late night holiday dinner. Not only is this design ‘off the table’, the appreciative response from your guests will be ‘off the charts!’

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