Daffodils or Jonquils? What is the difference?


Do you enjoy a springtime walk amidst sunny Daffodils …                                      or are those Jonquils?   Yes, I ‘m guilty, too.  I often use the names, daffodil and jonquil, interchangeably when referring to these happy-faced flowers of early spring.     As the first flowers to pop up beneath the brown branches of … Read More >>>

First Flower

It was so much fun this Spring, to introduce my five-month-old granddaughter to her very first flower. Linley was captivated by the bright blue color of the delicate Siberian Iris. Lightly, she touched the soft petals with her sweet, chubby little fingers. She looked at me and smiled. Hopefully, that was the beginning of our sharing a love of nature and especially flowers together. Her mom is teaching Linley to … Read More >>>