The Cascading Bridal bouquet returns as a wedding favorite

Cascading bouquets are back as the favorite floral design of trendy brides. After years of choosing the simple, easily duplicated ’round-moundy’ hand-tied bouquets, brides are realizing how gracefully cascading bouquets flow from a bride’s hand. A more sophisticated look; these designs add a touch of elegance against the background of their beautiful gowns.

White cascade highlighted by red berries



When in comes to trends, whatever we have been doing – we decide to do the very opposite in order to be ‘trendy’. Hence, ‘Trend’ and ‘Counter-trend’. Hand-tieds have been the trend, now the cascade is trending in as a counter-trend.

Cascading bouquet of Phalaenopsis Orchids








For a harmonious look, the style of the bridal bouquet should reflect the style of the bride’s gown. This year simplistic ‘rustic’ is trending-out and sophisticated ‘elegance’ is trending-in for wedding sites, decor, and dresses. Once again we return to elements of grace; and the graceful cascading bridal bouquet has returned to favor.

Summer cascade of pink lilies, roses, and gerbera daisies








To create a fresh flower cascading bouquet, the designer must either (a) wire and tape each of the flowers to form the composition or (b) use a foam based bouquet holder. Smithers-Oasis has an excellent line of bouquet holders in a variety of shapes and sizes, including those pictured here. Choose the form that fits best with the style of bouquet you plan to design. 

Smithers-Oasis bouquet holders



The luxe holder is an oval shape that holds more flower stems and works well for cascading bouquets.

Smithers-Oasis Metallic Twist holders


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