Inspired by the Space


Guests coming?

To quickly add natural beauty to a room, simply add a few fresh flower faces to your favorite vases in special places.

Enjoy impressing friends and family with your flower-savvy talents and celebrate life with flowers!


 Follow these easy steps when arranging flowers for those special places in your home:

Choose five eye-catching spaces –                                        

         What are the special places in your home that guests see when visiting?                                      

Greet your guests with flowers.


          Dining Room?                                                                     



 Don’t forget the guest powder room!

Flowers add life to a room.


Collect five perfect vases –

 Select one for each chosen space

  • Reflect the style of the room
  • Choose vase color that will accent room color rather than just blend in.
  • Consider changing vases seasonally.

Keep vases clean and easily accessible for quick, spur of the moment designs!


Set a theme and carry it throughout the house.





Decide on your favorite flowers for each special place –

  • What is your floral signature?                                        
  • What colors and shapes do you love?
  • Do you prefer formal or informal styles?   

Surround yourself with things you love.

Choose items that reflect your interests.


Make a list of several flower choices for each season –

  • Choose flowers based on local availability in that season.
  • What are your resources for flowers?
  • What matters to you – visual impact or flower longevity?

Create a floral toolbox and keep it handy for designing quick arrangements.


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Floral Educator, Sharon McGukin (Mc-Goo-kin) AIFD, AAF, PFCI,  is nationally known for her captivating style of Floral ‘Edutainment’  – educational tips with entertaining insights.

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