‘Arts & Flowers’ at the Centre for Performing & Visual Arts


If you enjoy being surrounded by beautiful flowers and talented people, look for an ‘Arts & Flowers’ or “Arts in Bloom’ event to attend in your area. It can be a fun outing that offers inspiring new ideas.






Sharon McGukin and Ruth Loiseau at the Centre for Performing Arts of Coweta Co.




I recently enjoyed the opportunity to offer floral commentary for the creative works of local designers at the ‘Arts & Flowers’ event of the Centre for Performing Arts & Visual Arts in Coweta County. I especially enjoyed meeting Ruth Loiseau of CT. It was fun to compare notes with a fellow speaker of floral ‘Edu-tainment’ (Educational Entertainment).





Floral designer, Ruth Loiseau, was the guest speaker for the luncheon. Ruth offered educational design tips while she entertained with interesting stories of having worked with the floral events team of the White House as she demonstrated garden flower design. The audience loved her!


Ruth Loiseau illustrates a design technique to the audience.



Local designers participated in this special event by presenting their personal interpretation of the theme  ‘Hearts for the Arts, 2014’ in flowers. A large gold frame marked the design space atop a pedestal that was provided for each participant. In this space, the designers were able t0 display their creative works of floral art. They did a great job!

Following the luncheon, attendees gathered for a Commentary Tour of the Artwork. I had the opportunity to speak with each floral artist about their inspiration for the display, then share that vision along with recognizable Elements & Principles of design with guests as we toured the vignettes. It was fun to help the designer’s recognize the strengths of their designs. Unfortunately, we can be so critical of our own work. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to encourage others to have more confidence in their designs.



Don Nixon of the Centre for Performing & Visual Arts, introduces Ruth Loiseau and Sharon McGukin to luncheon guests.


Ruth and I agreed, we both enjoyed our time of participation with the lovely southern ladies who attended the luncheon. A special thanks goes to Donald Nixon who coordinated this day of flowers. Don,  his Staff,  and the Centre Trustees regularly plan an active schedule of interesting artistic events. Please visit their website for a listing of upcoming events – http://thecentreonline.com.









Flower-savvy Design Tip –  

Participants of this ‘Arts & Flowers’ event used lots of flowers and foliage from their own gardens. Ruth Loiseau used many garden flowers, as well. Develop your floral art skills with flowers that you grow yourself. Plant a cutting garden at your home or fill large patio containers with flowers you can cut to make arrangements to enjoy. Fresh flowers add natural color, texture and beauty to your daily life.

Celebrate life with flowers!

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